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Support and Connection for parents like you

Studies prove that parents significantly benefit from groups, not only because they build relationships, but also because they feel empowered to share their insight with others and learn so much from their peers. 


A place to connect with other parents, while also developing tools to help you thrive.

At Haven, we believe so strongly in the power of connection because it has played such an important role in our experience as a mom. Nothing compares to the comfort you feel when you get a late-night text from another tired mom awake at 2 am. Those messages of validation and commiseration are a lifeline that make a big impact. The feeling that you are not alone is something we believe no parent should be without. 

That's why we created Haven Groups. With her training as a Clinical Social Worker, Jessica offers a nurturing space for members and ensures a non judgemental and supportive environment. Whether you’re joining us to learn how to beat bedtime battles with your three-year-old or hoping to meet some new mom friends, let us be your new parenting....Haven.

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Tired Families

a haven for

New Moms

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All Moms

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a haven for tired families

Haven Monthly Sleep Coaching Groups

For Parents with Children Ages 6 Months- 4 Years
*each group will focus on a specific age range

BYOC!!! That means Bring Your Own Coffee! And who doesn’t need a strong cup of coffee when your little one has kept you up all night? Pull up a chair in your comfy clothes while we tackle the new kind of all-nighters you never knew would be quite so hard. 
For one month you will receive dedicated support from Jessica in a supportive virtual group setting. You will work with Jessica as your sleep coach to help teach your child healthy sleep habits and implement a sleep plan to accomplish you goals. She will share with you all her valuable expertise she offers her one on one clients, but in a group setting. Plus, you will get to connect with other parents going through sleep challenges with similarly aged kids! Learn from each other while you implement your sleep plan and lean on one another when the challenges set in.


- You want a structured, step-by-step plan that helps you meet your goals and is realistic for your family

 - You like to set goals and want to get this sleep coaching thing over and done with!

 - You want to connect with other parents going through sleep challenges with kids around the same age

 - You want to learn from other parent’s experiences and share ideas (and commiserate because who doesn’t need a little empathy?)

- You want to work with a Certified Sleep Coach who is dedicated to helping your family find a solution for all your sleep issues

**Monthly groups are not a good fit for children who have underlying medical issues or other concerns that may complicate sleep coaching. If you aren’t sure if your child is a good fit for the group email Jessica to ask.

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Review of Client History Form by Jessica to get to know your family and goals

15 minute introductory phone call with Jessica to get to know each other and learn more about your family’s situation

Exclusive Facebook Group access! This is your home-base for the entire month to connect with Jessica and other parents in your group. Share your experiences, sleep logs, successes and setbacks plus ask all your questions! Jessica will check in regularly and share lots of resources! You can ask questions that your fellow parents and Jessica can answer. This is also where the “live” sessions will take place throughout the month.

You will receive Jessica’s Sleep Course that corresponds with your child’s age group. This includes over 30 pages of everything you need to set your family on the path to better nights and brighter mornings.

A Sleep Plan that’s a good fit for your unique family and guidance from Jessica on picking the right one. We’re talking a realistic, step-by-step guide that will help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself during this month.

Weekly Live “Office Hours” w/ Jessica for 45 minutes! Ask Jessica questions live in the group during this extra 45 minutes each week. This is similar to the follow-up calls she has with her one on one clients and gives us a chance to talk about what’s on your mind in a casual setting!

…Plus, you’ll get a timeline to help keep you on track for the month and a Daily Log template to help you stay accountable. 

Weekly Live Q&A’s where Jessica will answer all of your questions! You’ll submit your questions ahead of time and Jessica will answer them for 90 minutes every week. Don’t worry if you can’t attend “live”, all sessions will be recorded because we know parents are busy (we get it)!

What's Included

If you are ready to commit and take control of your child’s sleep issues, then you could make a drastic change in just one month! You’ll have all the resources you need plus the guidance of an experienced pediatric sleep coach at your fingertips (literally you can type a question on Facebook). What is stopping you from making the choice to reclaim your nights and give your family the gift of sleep that you all deserve? There will never be a perfect time to sleep coach, so make the time NOW and let’s do this together! 

How will you benefit?

*You may only withdraw from the monthly group up to one week before the start of the group kickoff date for a refund. Withdrawals less than one week before the start date forfeit the full amount.

a haven for new moms

Haven New Moms Group

For New Moms with Babies ages 0-6 months

Has anyone ever told you to "enjoy every second" since becoming a new mom? If you've ever found yourself faking a smile or fighting back tears because, no, you are not, in fact, enjoying every second- you are not alone. This motherhood gig is no joke; so we are here to tell you that you don't have to pretend that it's all Instagram worthy moments. Enter a safe space for new moms like you.


- Being a new mom isn’t quite what you imagined

- Your relationship with your partner is struggling

- You need some serious help in the sleep department

- What is this self-care you keep hearing about?

- You feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do about it


Join weekly, professionally-led discussions about all the complex highs and lows that go along with being a first-time new mom. Jessica is an experienced Social Worker and Sleep Coach who has worked with a lot of groups and even more moms (plus she is one). There are countless baby and “mommy-and-me” classes, but this one is all about you, mama. For six weeks, sit down with up to 12 other new moms to share, listen and learn. You'll learn some important things like how to set realistic expectations and how to avoid the mom guilt that came out with the baby. But you'll also walk away with a group of new mom friends; and if you don't know already, after six weeks with Haven New Moms, you'll know for sure... A tribe of mom friends is one of the most invaluable gifts you could ever get.

a haven for

New Moms

The Transition to Motherhood

How Your Relationships Have Changed

Life Balance

Self- Care

Managing Sleep Issues

Personal Stories

Topics include:

Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself as a Mom


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Upcoming New Moms Group dates will be posted here. Email Haven if you’re interested.

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a haven for all moms

Speaking Engagements for Groups

Jessica has always enjoyed speaking to groups large and small. She is experienced in a variety of settings- private homes, conference rooms, school settings, auditoriums and more. Jessica loves collaborating with groups to explore the best subject matter for their members. Her style is conversational and she always leaves time for Q&A. Jessica shares her knowledge as a sleep coach and social worker with humor and candor, but always leaves her audience with solutions they can take home and put into practice. Whether you have a group of five or fifty, please let us know how we can help your group feel more rested tonight so they can take on tomorrow!

Head over to our contact page to inquire about an event.

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Groups Jessica has worked with in the past include: MOPS Groups, Early Childhood Centers, Parents As Teachers, Play Groups, Facebook Mom Groups, The Nest 

speaking engagements

for Businesses

Are you a business owner or human resources director who employs parents of young children? Did you know that when your employees are tired they are less likely to be productive or miss work completely? Many parents of young children go to work the next morning exhausted due to a baby or toddler who kept them up all night. We can help. 

Let Haven create a workshop for your employees so they can create well-rested homes and become well-rested employees. Jessica will meet with you to discuss your goals and then create a workshop tailored to your employees specific needs. The Haven mission will be at the forefront, with each family taking part in the workshop having their own unique solution with a customized plan to get their child’s sleep issues under control. For more information on the Haven Sleep Workshop for Businesses fill out the form below.


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I usually respond to contact requests within 48 hours! In the meantime, take a look around and learn more about my philosophy and services. Can’t wait to chat with you soon!

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In 2011 Jessica’s first baby was six months old and wasn’t what people might describe as an “easy baby.” (P.S. What is an easy baby anyways? That question makes us crazy!) Reaching out to other moms with “spirited” babies provided invaluable support during a time that was very emotional for Jessica. To this day, she says that those connections with other moms was the most important thing that got her through these challenging times. The idea to start a virtual mom’s group came to her one day when a breastfeeding baby girl was latched on to her as usual. That’s when mamaSpace was born. 

The mission of mamaSpace is to provide a safe space for moms that is non judgemental while offering support and community. The group has grown over the past ten years to 28k members! The power of a community of moms is hard to describe until you experience it for yourself. The personal stories that have been shared with Jessica over the years about how mamaSpace has impacted member's lives are truly remarkable. It has been one of the greatest gifts to watch the community grow and we hope that you will take a moment to take a look at what mamaSpace has to offer and consider joining yourself. 

the group that started it all


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