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Will you tell me I have to leave my baby to cry alone in his room?


Nope! I will never tell you that you have to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Leaving your baby to cry without any response is not necessary to teach them self-soothing skills. There are a variety of methods we can use and each will be tailored to what works best for you and your baby. Staying in the room with your baby is definitely an option in most cases.  

“We tried various sleep training methods in the past and had decided that a cry it out plan was not for our family. Jessica’s approach was exactly what we were looking for. She worked with us on what we were comfortable with and displayed a very therapeutic approach to the whole process. Although there were some tears, we never had to let our son cry it out and we were able to gradually and successfully fade away his need for our presence at bedtime and during the night.” 

colleen & NIck, nyc

(parents of a 2 year old boy)

Will I be able to continue overnight feedings with my infant?


Of course! There are ways to incorporate overnight feedings while teaching your baby to self-soothe. Many babies need to eat overnight until around 7-9 months. We will always look to your pediatrician for guidance on night feedings. The feeding schedule may look a little different than before, but we will take your baby’s needs into account while making a plan that is right for you.  

Can I sleep coach my baby while sharing a room?


You can, but it isn’t always advisable. Depending on your baby’s age and temperament, we will discuss what is the best decision for where to sleep coach. Often, it is definitely possible to coach your baby while also sharing a room (or even a bed if that is your goal).

Can you promise me that my child won’t cry during sleep coaching?


Unfortunately, no. Children cry as a way to communicate that they don’t like the changes being made. When you are sleep coaching, you are making changes that your child initially will not be happy about. Even with a gentle method, there will likely be some tears. The difference with the methods I use are that you will be able to respond to your child when he cries.

Is there more than one way to sleep coach?


I offer several methods of sleep coaching for my clients. I don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach and will present options for each family. My methodology is holistic and takes into consideration the whole family unit when choosing what approach is best suited for you. The methods I use are proven to be effective and range from offering lots of parental support to very little. 

Will you guarantee that my child will sleep through the night after sleep coaching?


I cannot make any guarantees when it comes to sleep coaching. Each situation and family is vastly different and there are many factors that come into play when coaching. The main component of success will be based on the parent’s ability to stay consistent and follow the provided plan. Therefore, the main predictor of your success is out of my hands. 

When can I begin sleep coaching my baby?


I begin working with sleep coaching clients as early as 18 weeks. For parents that are looking for newborn support, I offer a New Baby Consultation to get you off on the right foot. I work with children up to age six.

Can I sleep coach my toddler/preschooler or is it too late?


It’s definitely not too late! I work with kids up to age six. It is never too late to teach your child healthy sleep habits.

Can you help me with multiple children or twins?


It can be especially difficult when you have more than one child not sleeping well. I have worked with families with multiple children who need to learn better sleep habits. Whether you have twins or kids of various ages, we can come up with a plan to coach them all to a better night’s sleep.


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